Piping Services

Hot & Chilled Water Piping

The plumbing team at Tri-Cor Mechanical is made up of engineers, pipe-fitters, and technicians who are prepared to take on any project, no matter the size or complexity. This has led to us being a leader in the commercial/industrial Hot & Chilled Water Piping space. From our engineering stage where we perfect the plan of your facility’s water distribution, we lay the groundwork for a system that will be both efficient and powerful. From there our installation team gets to work on building and configuring the designed system, including installation of hydronic piping, chillers, boilers, and all the necessary pieces to complete your project. Upon completion, Tri-Cor Mechanical offers preventative maintenance and emergency maintenance is available upon request.

Refrigeration & Steam Piping

Our design/build philosophy extends right into our refrigeration & steam piping offers. Since our inception, Tri-Cor Mechanical has been at the forefront of industrial refrigeration engineering and installation in our region. Our technicians are skilled in designing refrigeration systems, line sizing, and installing the necessary components for a variety of applications. Additionally, the Tri-Cor team will configure and maintain the systems we install, including system pressurization. We offer preventative maintenance on all of our installed systems, but we can also assist in repairing your current refrigeration system, whether it is a condensor replacement or a evaporator coil repair.

While steam piping’s popularity has waned in recent years, it is still a cost-effective mode of heating. While many other companies have moved away from steam piping, Tri-Cor has remained an expert in the field. Our decades of experience in steam piping and fitting allows us to be one of the few mechanical contractors in the state capable of taking on a steam piping install or maintenance. Whether you need assistance with a new install or an overhaul of an existing steam pipe system, Tri-Cor Mechancial should be your first call.

Process Piping

From design to installation to maintenance, Tri-Cor Mechanical is staffed with skilled technicians versed in industrial process piping. No matter the requirements of your process piping project, Tri-Cor will sit down with you and design a solution to fit your needs. From steam to gas to food process, Tri-Cor’s years of expertise can accommodate any organization’s needs with the care and precision that we are known for. Our technicians work within a variety of different materials (carbon steel, galvanized steel, PVC, and more) to make sure your solution is 100% custom and built for the long haul.

Get the professionals you need and the results you want. Trust Tri-Cor.