Sheet Metal

Duct Fabrication

One of the bottlenecks for HVAC projects is sourcing duct and sheet metal, but with Tri-Cor, we have you covered with our in-house duct and sheet metal fabrication. The fact that we produce our own duct and sheet metal for projects enables us to move quickly from design to build, and allows for our complex and custom solutions to be produced and implemented with ease. Whether it is for new construction or a renovation, Tri-Cor has you covered.

Industrial Ventilation

Our commercial and industrial clients expect clean, precise, and perfect results when it comes to ventilating their facilities. Our forty-years of experience in industrial ventilation ensures that we can extend expert work to each and every one of our clients. Our team of engineers and technicians will assess your ventilation needs with an on-site visit and design a solution that satisfies your requirements. This includes fume filtration, dust collection, exhaust, and much more. If you have a question about our industrial ventilation services, please contact us today.

Vulcan Plasma Machine

Tri-Cor Mechanical wants to be your single-source mechanical contractor, and we accomplish that by handling all fabrication in-house, including custom fabrications on our Vulcan Plasma Machine (VPM). Our software-driven VPM allows for us to make precise sheet metal fabrications based on CAD files and other specifications.

Get the professionals you need and the results you want. Trust Tri-Cor.